Special Education Teacher

Position: Special Education Teacher (SET)
Job Summary: The Special Education Teacher is the primary staff responsible for classroom instruction as well as assistance to the Principal regarding student testing, IEP processes, and student transcripts.
Principal Accountabilities: Specific duties and responsibilities of the SET include but are not limited to:
1. Classroom management and instruction.
2. Assist the Principal with the Intake Process for a new student.
3. Assist the Principal with the IEP Process as necessary.
4. Provide each new student with academic testing within 30 days of admission and prior to discharge, if residency is greater than 5 months.
5. Design appropriate curriculum and lesson plans for each student.
6. Maintain accurate daily attendance records for all students.
7. Develop and post a monthly schedule of field trips.
8. Maintain up-to- date student files.
9. Complete incident reports in a timely fashion and submit to the Principal.
10. Handle classroom discipline and be prepared to implement appropriate crisis intervention techniques.
11. Manage petty cash and operate classroom within budget.
12. Supervise TA and provide a minimum of an annual performance appraisal.
13. Attend weekly Teachers Meeting.
14. Attend weekly Facility Team Meeting, as often as possible.
15. Supervise students at all times.
16. Complete student report cards in a timely manner.
17. Maintain record of student’s clock hours, credits, assigning academic subjects to match grade level and graduation needs.
18. Plan academic graduation ceremonies in consultation House Manager.
19. Develop and implement methodologies for behavioral change.
20. Facilitate Group Process as needed to direct student’s behavior and motivate for further positive behaviors.
21. Assist with the implementation of the Level System.
22. Prepare written reports as directed by the Principal and/or Therapists.
23. Maintain positive relations with school district personnel and coordinate records as needed with these agents.
24. Develop and implement educational transitional plans for all students prior to discharge.
25. Provide the Principal with copies of student academic files, including the IEP.
26. Maintain all state educational requirements for the classroom.
27. Correct student work in a timely fashion.
Principal Interactions: Primary relationships include- the Teacher Assistant. Secondary relationships will include- the Life Skills Coordinator, Child Care Workers, Therapists, and the House Manager.
Education / Experience / Knowledge Requirements: The position of SET requires a Master’s Degree in Education or Special Education, a valid State Teaching Credential or Emergency Credential, and a minimum of one year experience teaching special needs children; preferably emotionally disturbed and conduct disorder adolescents. A valid driver’s license from the state of employment is also required.
Authority Level: Assigned Classroom
Reports to: House Manager