Maintenance Supervisor

Position: Maintenance Supervisor (MS)

Job Summary: The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for all maintenance issues at all facilities within the assigned Module of operations. It is the responsibility of the MS to ensure that all grounds, buildings, vehicles, and equipment are properly maintained.This responsibility includes accomplishing these tasks in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

Principal Accountabilities: Specific duties and responsibilities of the MS include but are not limited to:

1. General
a. Implement and manage a preventive maintenance program.
b. Hire, orientate, and supervise maintenance staff.
c. Develop and maintain a list of reliable service providers for the repair of sophisticated equipment or tasks beyond the scope of the Maintenance Department personnel.
d. Collect, assess, prioritize and complete service requests in a timely manner.

2. Building
a. Conduct monthly condition inspections on each facility.
b. Respond to work orders within 24 hours, providing estimates of time to complete the repair or service need.
c. Providing curb appeal inspections each time a facility is visited.

3. Vehicles
a. Servicing company vehicles according to operating manual specifications.
b. Providing driver training and orientation to new employees.
c. Providing safety inspections.
d. Maintaining trip and expense logs completed by staff.

4. Equipment
a. Evaluation of equipment needs: submitting requests to Administrator.
b. Maintain equipment manuals and warranty information.
c. Evaluation of service agreements: recommendations to Administrator.
d. Maintain records of service history for all equipment.

5. Safety
a. Initiate immediate action to correct maintenance problems.
b. Conduct safety inspections of each facility on a monthly basis.
c. Chair the safety Committee – meeting quarterly.
d. Conduct fire drills and inspect evacuation procedures.
e. Review and inspect emergency/disaster plans and procedures.

Principal Interactions:
Primary relationships include the Administrator and House Manager. Secondary relationships will include Assistant House Manager, the Child Care Worker, and government inspection/safety agents.

Education / Experience / Knowledge Requirements:
The MS position should have a minimum of 5 years experience as a maintenance technician and including 3 years of staff supervision. A valid driver’s license from the state of employment is also required.

Authority Level: Facility Maintenance

Reports to: